Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

FAQ updated


My extremely short FAQ, located on the about page, has been updated with the following:

Q: Why Haiku?

A: Because sonnets are too much trouble. To illustrate, using Kämpfer as an example:

Akane-chan your bullets doth bewitch
My simple brain and bring to me a grin,
The way you fire at your teammate (bitch!)
And swing your heavy pistol at his chin.

How can he be so damn oblivious,
When your charms are so readily counted,
Your feverish desire furious,
Like a race horse ready to be mounted.

Who knows how long it will remain like this,
With him busy staring at his assets,
While you stand there waiting for his lame kiss,
So sad to those who love all your facets.

I only hope that, if I may be crass,
One day you will bust a cap in his ass.


Akane, you’re hot,
And you really ought to shoot
That Natsuru kid.

See? Way too much trouble. Plus there’s no SZS-style minimum Japanese cultural standard connection….


8 thoughts on “FAQ updated

  1. oh gawd I LOL’D hard at that sonnet XD

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it, even if it doesn’t scan 100% correctly. Originally I had toyed with the idea of doing series reviews in sonnet form, but “Bad Poetry Anime Blog” doesn’t have nearly the same merchandising potential as “Haiku Anime Review” (or maybe it does, come to think of it… damn). I’ve been working on a few taglines, which will eventually rotate in the header, and wanted to provide a back-up joke for one of them. So I used that inspiration and came up with… this, lol. Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and for steering folks in this direction. It’s appreciated.

  3. Oh, and omo commented on your post when I shared it in Google Reader, too awesome to miss:
    “to me it just says
    that troublesome sonnets are
    better than haikus.”
    I do agree that the sonnet is awesome though! I don’t think people would mind seeing sonnets in a Haiku Blog. Also:
    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense
    slogan in a t-shirt design by Rolf Nelson, which my co-blogger also mentioned a bit about here in this totally random haiku post XD
    Bad Poetry Anime Blog has this “lolwhat?!” effect going for it, so yeah… not too late to change your blog name if you want!

  4. LOL, I’ll stick with bad Haikus as the main focus for now, but you can expect a sonnet here and there as the mood strikes. I may still change the name though, or at least put that in the tagline. Hmm….
    I sent, botched (using an old gmail account that only collects spam), and re-sent a request to follow your shared items in reader. If you would be so kind as to allow badpoetryanimeblogger to follow you, that would also be much appreciated.

  5. ohh, and so I shall! o> much obliged.
    Just… prepare for some chaos, I guess? The comments [view] can be real crazy XD

  6. Sonnet 2.0 is in the pipe for Sunday. I fear it’s far more serious than the last outing, but I hope that you enjoy it anyway.

  7. Rhyme scheme: steamy vids,
    Hot verses limericking
    Each other… profit.
    Investment opportunities available. Contact badpoetryanimeblogger at gmail.com. Interviews for naughty poems with loose grammar start next week. Alliteration not required, show us your best blank verse!

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