Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

White Album ep 21


Oh, Tamaru-kun,
When will you learn? Real gangsters
Carry handkerchiefs.

Spoilers below:

Pining for Mr. Fujii version:

Take heart, Misaki,
He’s just holding out for a
Threesome with Yuki.

Touya version:

Thought they were lovers,
But they had just run out of
Toilet seat covers.

Kanzaki version:

Sending Touya is
Felonious parenting:
Should’ve just beat her.


2 thoughts on “White Album ep 21

  1. Great shtick. I love the poetry. lol on the Touya and Yayoi one.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it,
    Sold myself on the gimmick,
    Yayoi is the best.

    I wasn’t quite sure if the whole haiku thing was going to work over a long period of time, so I didn’t really put the site out there that much at first. But I enjoy the challenge of trying to cram an idea into the limited space (though I’ve been cheating a bit lately), and the short format works well with my general lack of free time, so I decided to stick with it. Thus far the response has been extremely positive, even if the poetry comes at the expense of my manhood. Thanks for stopping by.