Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Darker than Black S2 ep 8


They say that crack kills,
But truly, in this instance,
Would you really mind?

I wonder what she looks like from the front.
Nice glass.


4 thoughts on “Darker than Black S2 ep 8


    Nice glass

    fixed :3

  2. I was saddened that McMuffin Russian died, even if she had terrible fashion sense. She even provided a bit of underboob at the beginning of the episode. Such a waste.
    And I had originally used this for the semi-related image, but thought it was a little too obvious. Nice glass indeed.

  3. hyuk, I haven’t even seen the episode yet (*pst* don’t tell Kabitzin) but everyone else pretty much spoiled it for me. At least I won’t feel as sad once I do see it =3
    Terrible fashion sense? But she had a raccoon on her head! THAT’S KOO-RU!!! =O

  4. But she had a raccoon on her head!

    Exactly. ; )
    Sorry to hear that the episode got spoiled for you. I guess you already heard about the twelve minute Suou shower scene then.

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