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Feed repeat


This morning I took the time to figure out why Animenano doesn’t like Atom feeds, and as a result I switched my Feedburner feed to pick up my RSS 2.0 template instead of my Atom one. The problem I have been having recently is that when I post something with a future date (usually a couple of hours in the future, because I have been unable to build a post backlog for a while) the post shows up on my site at the appointed time, but it appears on Animenano with a time stamp that matches when I originally published (the updated date) the entry. Though this isn’t a big deal for items that are posted a couple hours in the future, this would have been a real pain for items posted days in advance because they would show up with the original date and never make the front page of ‘nano. I think Hung changed the way that posts are handled recently, to deal with the entries that had been sticking at the top of the feed page for days and days, by switching the logic to recognize the “updated date” for feeds that have them (atom feeds or atom feeds run through Feedburner). To avoid the situation of having my posts automatically go to page 3 or lower, I switched to my RSS 2.0 feed that does not include an updated date variable. And because I switched the feed location, it caused the last 10 items in the feed to be duplicated. All of that to say… sorry for the feed spam. It shouldn’t happen again though.


2 thoughts on “Feed repeat

  1. Shouldn’t this message be in iambic pentameter or something?  ;D

  2. What?! You mean it doesn’t scan!?
    Lol. I’m “experimenting.” That or lazy…. ; )