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Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Favorite anime memory 2009


Couldn’t do all twelve,
But this one is a keeper,
My best moment choice.

It might be a little early to call it, but I don’t think that this one will be topped. Please be advised that the entry below contains Honey and Clover episode 15 spoilers:

“I was having a scary dream, Harada… I’m so glad you were here close by my side….”

And as she woke up from her dream, her eyes became more and more transparent. And for the first time in my life, I heard the sound of a human’s heart being crushed.


The two realize
That their hopes were mere dreaming;
Reaching out in need.


Note: Captions are from the Viz 2009 R1 release of Honey and Clover.


2 thoughts on “Favorite anime memory 2009

  1. Urgh… this makes me feel like crying, which is the feeling I get from half of this show (the other half makes me feel like crying tears of joy).
    It’s perfectly quotable too: the imagery of “hearing a heart being crushed” sticks out in my memory, and I almost never remember specific quotes. I’m glad to see H&C getting the love it deserves, even if this isn’t the first time 😀

  2. I wasn’t reading anime blogs or watching fansubs when this was airing, so I missed a lot of the earlier discussion. I’m just happy that this great series is finally getting released over here. Thanks for stopping by.

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