Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Honey and Clover II ep 5


Fearful of losing
That which defined her, she paused:
Olive scented dreams.


2 thoughts on “Honey and Clover II ep 5

  1. I love how it always takes me a moment to remember the events of the episode you’re talking about, and that moment of memory-searching is always followed by a bittersweet “ah….”. It’s even better because this is one of my favourite eps of the show.

  2. My favorite episodes are the Ayumi/Mayama ones… as you probably figured from my somewhat disproportionate coverage of the series. This scene in episode 5 and the next figurative and literal “bridge crossing” in episode 6 are great moments that show how much Ayumi has matured since the start of the series (or even since Nomiya forced her start looking at her actions). I can’t help cracking up though when she runs off and turns around to find Leader and Nomiya there, looking all unhurried (though we know his casual attitude is a total lie).
    Thanks for sharing your reaction, that’s what I had hoped to achieve with these even if they don’t make much sense to anyone unfamiliar with the series. Okay, I was really just hoping that I wasn’t mangling it too badly, but I really appreciate the positive response, and your continued readership. Thanks for the great comment.

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