Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Queen’s Blade S2 ep 10


Only YOU can stop
Bamboo deforestation:
Training’s hidden toll.


2 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade S2 ep 10

  1. Episode ten was
    subbed a week before ep nine
    Resisted spoilers
    Marathons are great
    A Queen’s Blade a day keeps the
    moé shows away

  2. I’ll watch anything
    Long as it’s entertaining,
    This one’s more than most…
    Except for season
    two episode seven, I
    want my ninja back.
    Seriously though,
    It pitched the Riker and went
    Full Billy Gibbons.
    … okay, the other
    Stuff I watch is because I’m
    a masochist. /Bund

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