Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Queen’s Blade S2 ep 12


Her glowing feelings
Surmounting all obstacles:
Precious staff rescue.

Don’t know why there’s a
question of “his” true gender:
No secret cleaver.

If she could get them
To vibrate in unison
That would be something.

Eye rolling ending
Shaved a bit of the beard-age;
Still on to-buy list.

Thanks to the ‘Raptor,
For highlighting watching lack
And badass comments.


2 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade S2 ep 12

  1. Followed my advice
    She got to a nunnery
    Cleavers not allowed

    Nyx learned to stand tall
    Then fell to Stockholm Syndrome
    Touching regression

    Nanael’s endless
    supply of holy milk must
    come from holy cows

    A cheesy ending
    would have been better if it
    did not end at all

  2. Good thing that the same
    Does not apply to cleavage,
    They’d both be homeless.

    Her waitress wages
    Wouldn’t cover damages:
    Needs walking support.

    Would have made a crack
    About heavenly goat milk,
    But I shouldn’t kid. 

    Unresolved plot lines
    There are more than a handful:
    Hope for season three?

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