Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Durarara!! ep 7


He wears the outfit
But she’s the real Bartender:
Roadside therapy.

Shoulda gone with the fries.
Short order fuse cook.


3 thoughts on “Durarara!! ep 7

  1. I can just imagine Shizuo exploding in anger after being asked to super size an order for the 100th time one day.

  2. Nice, a Bartender reference. Seeing Celty as someone he confides in was just so odd and perfect.

  3. @Shinmaru – Hahaha, I bet he’d have an awful lot of people saying “yes” to the pies though.  
    @ExecutiveOtaku – It would have worked better if both their VAs had been in Bartender, but I guess Miyuki Sawashiro can’t be in everything, as much as I would like that (random: she voices Chie in Time of Eve, who thinks she’s a cat… are all the Durarara!! VAs typecast, or just these two?). And Celty seems like she’d be an awesome listener. ; )