Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Mnemosyne ep 1


Her womanly curves
Simply can’t remain hidden:
Beam breaking booty.


3 thoughts on “Mnemosyne ep 1

  1. The single greatest
    Episode of any show
    I have ever seen

    Metal, Lesbians,
    Violence, and best of all,
    Mamiko Noto

  2. And even better, it has Rie Tanaka as an absolute batshit crazy woman a year before she did Canaan.

  3. @ Baka-Raptor:
    Starts off with a bang
    (and thud) and never lets up.
    Also, Rin is hot.

    @ Shinmaru:
    She does crazy really well. I liked the contrast between her screams and Mamiko’s quiet tones when she got locked in the hallway with the “zombies.” That sounds morbid as hell, but that part really stood out on the rewatch.