Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Sasameki Koto ep 8


Wind spilling from sails,
Her gifts tumbling from her arms:
Crumpled treasure map.


2 thoughts on “Sasameki Koto ep 8

  1. I don’t remember
    what happened in this one,
    and I blogged it.

  2. I watched the first five
    As they were airing, but then
    I put it on hold.


    This is the one where Azusa (yuri convention girl) discovers that Sumika also reads the books that Ushio’s brother writes. Azusa tries to go to Sumika’s house to share her yuri dojinshi and some snacks but is put off because the two blatant lesbians are there and she leaves without really talking to Sumika at all, and then all the things she wanted to share spilled out of her bag onto the street. Seeing her eagerness get buried under an avalanche of disappointment earned her my sympathy vote, even if she has absolutely no chance of winning over Sumika.

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