Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Strike Witches S2 ep 10


Wandering deeper
Despite the warning flare launch:
Mountain treachery.


2 thoughts on “Strike Witches S2 ep 10

  1. I need to catch up
    With my anime lineup
    Strike Witches on top.

    …Ugh that didn’t come out too well.
    Seems like the series is approaching its climax, so this might be a good time to have a mini marathon.

    • Yoshika had hoped
      That they’d come out on top too:
      Hers… and hers… and theirs.

      It came out just fine. 🙂 I had to hurry and catch up myself seeing as how I hadn’t watched the first season before the second one started airing. I’m glad I did though, as the last few episodes have been terribly entertaining. Here’s hoping that you get a chance to take a break soon and get some anime and relaxation into your schedule.

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