Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Hanasaku Iroha ep 3


Tried to tie her down,
But she’s already knotty:
Closet yuri fan.


4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha ep 3

  1. Wet t-shirts, bondage
    and punishment? Sign me up!
    Such a damn pervert.

  2. My favorite part
    Was how she kept on reading:
    You are (not) alone.

  3. When did the header
    become a secret down-blouse
    shot of some cleavage?

    This better not be one of those stupid Rorschach tests where it’s actually a cropped picture of a butterfly…

    • One day, was thinking…
      Remain boring or… boobies?
      Couldn’t fight the theme.

      It’s been that way for maybe two weeks, but since I hadn’t posted anything in a month there hasn’t been much reason to visit. I had initially envisioned a breastesses montage, but then laziness kicked in. Eventually I will have rotating headers, but for now it’s just the one pair. LOL butterflies.

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