Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Bunny Drop ep 2


Sly permeation…
Brings lifestyle permutation?
(Straight guy chose her clothes?!?)


2 thoughts on “Bunny Drop ep 2

  1. I was just wondering – how are haikus divided? I read somewhere that they’re not exactly in 5 /syllables/, but rather 5 something-elses, of which Japanese characters happened to be exactly one (however, things like ‘kya’ would be two of the something-elses). Any information on this?

  2. English haiku typically follow a 5/7/5 format, but you’re right that syllables aren’t the whole unit of measure in Japanese. Wikipedia has some decent articles on what is counted “on” and the basics of real haiku. 99% of my haiku are actually closer to senryu, but then most people have never heard of a senryu. If I was going to do proper haiku they’d all have to have a seasonal reference and a juxtaposed idea. For example:

    Warm sun shining through
    The cracks in the old boardwalk:
    Summer’s shimapan.

    Instead of a cut word I use punctuation, but that’s pretty much as close as I get to proper haiku right there.

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