Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.

Texhnolyze ep 1


Vacant eyes focused
Like their tryst punctuated:
Mounting pressure lift.

All dolled up.


4 thoughts on “Texhnolyze ep 1

  1. So this wasn’t when the fight promoters girlfriend poked ichise in the eye with her fingernail? I’ll have to read your Ann post again later.

    • Yes. The ANN post (you quoted it at one point) was about the sex scene and some of the reactions to it. There is an awful lot going on with the imagery that shouldn’t be ignored just because it involves some nudity.

      • Ok I tried hiding my gravatar profile, let’s see if that works. I’m not bothered by sex or nudity in anime, so I’ll go read your post on ANN again. I’m waiting for the next discs to arrive in the mail, I’m on episode 17 next.

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