Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.


Episodic thoughts,
Seventeen syllables… stop,
Will see how it goes.


I used to wake up every morning at 6 AM without the aid of an alarm to watch Robotech before school. I thought it was even cooler than Dungeons & Dragons. I didn’t watch much anime until a few years ago when I caught the first eight minutes of Elfen Lied on youtube, and since then I have invested an obscene amount of time and money in this hobby addiction. I’ve made several failed attempts to write about anime on URLs which no longer exist, so I thought I’d restrict myself this time and see if it worked any better. So far I haven’t totally fallen off the wagon yet….

Myanimelist.net profile


The extremely brief FAQ:

Q: Why Haiku?

A: Because sonnets are too much trouble. To illustrate, using Kämpfer as an example:

Akane-chan your bullets doth bewitch
My simple brain and bring to me a grin,
The way you fire at your teammate (bitch!)
And swing your heavy pistol at his chin.

How can he be so damn oblivious,
When your charms are so readily counted,
Your feverish desire furious,
Like a race horse ready to be mounted.

Who knows how long it will remain like this,
With him busy staring at his assets,
While you stand there waiting for his lame kiss,
So sad to those who love all your facets.

I only hope that, if I may be crass,
One day you will bust a cap in his ass.


Akane, you’re hot,
And you really ought to shoot
That Natsuru kid.

See? Way too much trouble. Plus there’s no SZS-style minimum Japanese cultural standard connection….



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