Haiku Anime Review

Falling slightly short of the minimum cultural standard.


Occasional Sunday Sonnet 1

From Complete Manuscripts of the Snake Factory Excavation:

My Dearest Hakko¹,

The way your green hair shimmers in the light,
Providing brilliant contrast to those
Fetching cat ears you chose to wear tonight,
You stopped my poor heart when you hit that pose.

Though your voice causes organs to explode,
I can’t help but watch your tail as you walk,
A few seconds more through the electrode,
It’ll be okay if we just don’t talk.

For who wants to hear of your troubled life
In that grungy village, your dirty kid,
Or using your cleavage to prevent strife?
For your cosplay I staked life on this bid.

I guess it’s too bad, I’m already dead,
But that won’t stop you from giving me… lead².

Translator’s notes:

1 – Although the manuscript was unsigned, evidence suggests that it was written by Santana, proprietor of a fine dining establishment in Shanghai.

2 – Though some have argued that the last word of the poem should properly read “head,” referering to Hakko’s alleged penchant for necrophilia, the word is incomplete in the original manuscript. The corpse of the author, discovered without pants and buried under tons of rubble, was found near an empty mechanical pencil. It is my belief that the author ran out of lead as he tried to commit to paper his last words of love to his mistress, and used his final strokes to lament this fact.